Anti-Trust and IP Partner Robert G. Badal Joins Wilmer Cutler (Los Angeles)

Robert G. Badal is partner in the firm’s Litigation/Controversy and Regulatory and Government Affairs Departments.

Mr. Badal’s practice focused on the intersection of the antitrust and intellectual property laws. He represented clients in a variety of litigation matters involving allegations of illegal tying arrangements, price fixing, price discrimination, predatory pricing, anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions and monopolization and attempted monopolization under both state and federal statutes.

Additionally, Mr. Badal counseled clients on antitrust compliance and risk avoidance, with a particular focus on licensing and standard setting issues arising from the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the technology sectors. He was involved in antitrust and copyright/patent/antitrust litigations involving, among others, companies who manufacture or distribute computer chips, peripheral equipment, applications software, proprietary OS software, computer clearinghouse services, computerized point-of-sale equipment and chemical additives. Each of these matters involved the antitrust implications raised by enforcement of intellectual property rights.