“Dan Hatch was critically important to my recent move. He does not ‘recruit’ in the traditional sense, and he rises above the din of noise one typically encounters in his industry. He provided me with key information about the entire market so I could intelligently assess what firm would be the best fit for me and my practice. He is a powerful combination of objective counselor, law firm liaison, and personal advocate. He helped me evaluate numerous key criteria, such as compensation, platform, and practice substance. But I was most impressed by Dan’s efforts to get to know me personally. By knowing me and knowing the relevant firms well, Dan helped me find the firm culture that is best for me. His insight and knowledge proved extremely valuable in the interviewing, evaluation, and negotiation processes. The firms I explored held Dan in high regard. So do I. Dan was an irreplaceable part of my successful career move.”

John S. Gibson, Crowell & Moring